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Email Marketing

Email Marketing was one of the first advertising and promotional activities adopted by companies in terms of online media. For decades, emails and newsletters have been an effective tool to reach out to your prospective customers and engage with them. While the popularity of email marketing has reduced in this age of social media marketing, it still is one of the most effective ways to stay connected with your audience.

Whether your brand deals in services or any kind of products, email marketing enables you to reach out to a wider audience, acquire new customers, increase sales, and retain your customer base with regular engagements, all at a very effective cost. At Gilead Digital, we have been helping big and small companies engage with their target customers by finding a way into their emails. We have a team of expert marketing professionals, creative designers and content developers who work together to create a stunning and efficient email marketing strategy for your business.

Creating Engaging Mailers

The success of an email marketing plan depends upon the quality and effectiveness of the content displayed. Not only the message, but the way it is presented goes a long way in establishing engagement with your audience. We have expertise in creating rich multimedia and eye-catching mailers which will compel your customers to read more. Our team blends original and crisp content writing, attractive images, sophisticated and appealing designs, and even high quality videos to furnish the mails which will surely bring you more customers.

Building and Managing Database

In order to expose your brand to thousands of customers, we constantly strive to build a large database of audience, categorized into many segments on the basis of demographical factors, usage trends, and geography. This way, your message reaches your preferred audience, ensuring higher profitability for your business.

Tracking Impressions and Follow-throughs

Not just creating and disseminating, Gilead Digital also tracks the impact of your email marketing activities. We monitor the impressions by the audience, click-through rates, and lead generation or sales actions through the emails created.

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